About Bethy Rossos

As a TV personality, coach, substitute teacher and cooking instructor, my plate is pretty full (no pun intended.) Truth be told I’d have it no other way but juggling so many hats means I have to maximize my time in the kitchen. Cooking is my passion. My stress reliever. My detox after a crazy filming schedule or a long day filled with hyperactive students in a classroom or at a track meet.

When I’m in my kitchen I feel truly at home. Sometimes my “kitchen” looks more like a camp stove or a fire pit but I love it all the same. Nothing says relaxation like turning on some music and putting together a comforting meal.

Between my outdoor adventure show and my love for travel I’ve had some unique opportunities to experience different foods from around the world. I am of Greek decent so naturally one of my favorite foods to cook is Greek but truth be told, I love it all. Italian, Vietnamese, Thai, Mexican. I love how delicious food has a way of bringing people together.

Some of the best things in life are great food and great people. I spend most of my free time with friends and family surrounding great food and company.