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Estacada resident cooks with rustic edgeanthem photography


Bethy Rossos of Estacada is a substitute teacher, athletic coach, restaurant reviewer, cooking instructor, Bible study leader and reality television personality.
In the season premiere of MasterChef that aired Wednesday, May 22, on Fox, Estacada residents may have noticed a familiar face.

Bethy Rossos of Estacada made it into the top 100 hopefuls vying to be named America’s best home cook.

Rossos is no stranger to reality television.

She was granted her own reality show, Adrenaline Hunter, on Comcast Sportsnet Northwest after winning on Wanted II: Adventure Woman.

Rossos tried her hand at roller derby, jumping out of planes and playing as a professional women’s quarterback on season one of Adrenaline Hunter.

During season two, Rossos would go out hunting and fishing with her bow and then create a gourmet meal with whatever she had harvested.

For her MasterChef audition in Portland, Rossos created a meal out of an elk she had killed.

Rossos, who is of Greek decent, made souvlaki out of the elk meat as the main course.

She used ingredients from her garden to make pepper jelly on torte.

She made baklava for dessert from honey from her field.

“That was basically who I was on a plate,” Rossos said.

Upon finding out that she would be on the show, Rossos went to great lengths to practice her cooking skills.

She brushed up on her dessert making, as she felt this was her weak spot.

She studied the chemistry of baking: What happens at an elementary level.

She purchased fish and meat she wasn’t used to working with, such as rabbit and small birds, to practice unfamiliar dishes.

On her birthday, she had her family present her with four mystery boxes. She then made three main dishes and one dessert from the contents of each box within two hours.

She said she wasn’t nervous to compete on the show.

“I was like, ‘I know I’ve put in the work and there’s nothing more I can do,’ “ she said.

She wasn’t even nervous to meet the notoriously volatile Chef Gordon Ramsay.

“Even watching the show you can see when his tender heart comes out,” Rossos said.

In Rossos’ opinion, Ramsay is only mean to people who are arrogant and deserve it.

“We’re home cooks,” she said.

Rossos got a lifelong friend out of the MasterChef experience.

“Literally I’ll be friends with Monica forever,” Rossos said of Portland model and fellow MasterChef contestant Monica Watson.

Rossos leads a Bible study for teenage girls. And during an upcoming retreat, Watson will speak to them about modeling.

Rossos, the daughter of a retired Portland firefighter, has lived in Estacada since she was 5.

She has been a substitute teacher and athletic coach for several Oregon high schools.

These days, Rossos is finishing a cookbook she has been working on for the last three years.

She expects the cookbook, “Cooking Rustic With Bethy,” to be released in the next three or four months.

Starting May 30, she will be the head chef for the new Portland restaurant, Analog Café, once every other week.

“The theme is rock star chef, rock star singer,” she said of the restaurant, which also is a music venue.

Rossos also reviews restaurants on her website.

“All positive reviews. I’m not fond of negativeness,” she said.

She also offers “mobile cooking classes,” where she gives personally tailored onsite cooking instruction.

It’s no wonder Rossos says, “I feel like I’m going a hundred miles an hour at all times.”

MasterChef airs at 8 p.m. Wednesdays on Fox.

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  1. Oregonnative

    weird when I heard you say Oregon on the show I automatically thought I seen you before LOL maybe not but I am from Portland/Gresham/Damascus. what high school did you attend

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