Better living show 2012

Better Living Show 2012

Bethy Rossos

After graduating from high school,  Bethy Rossos decided to combine her love of sports with her heart for kids by earning  a bachelors degree in Physical Education and Health as well as a Masters in Education.  Through the years she has developed a deep love for cooking. Bethy finds herself  dreaming of mixing ingredients to make the perfect dish. She is currently working  on a cooking blog to share her simple but elegant dishes. Although Bethy’s  passion for cooking has grown immensely over the years, she has not given up  her dedication for sports and kids. She still coaches high school track, substitute  teaches, and works with Younglife.

As if Bethy Rossos didn’t have  enough going on in her life, her personality of always looking for a challenge  led her to apply for the reality show “Wanted Adventure Woman” on Comcast  Sportsnet. She won, and with that came hosting her own TV show, called “Adrenaline  Hunter”. Bethy has experienced the thrill of everything from car racing, jumping  out of a plane, and steer wrestling to playing quarterback for a women’s  professional football team.  Just when  Bethy thought things couldn’t be more exciting, she was offered the opportunity  to film short cooking segments for the end of many of her episodes. So her love for life and love for cooking was combined into  one adventure!

As of last year Bethy has continued her love for cooking and  has started making regular appearances cooking on Outdoor GPS,  which is an outdoor broadcast show on Comcast  Sports Net Northwest. She will also be cooking once a week at The Analog Café, a  new restaurant opening this weekend on 7th and Hawthorne. Bethy Rossos is anxiously waiting to see what  new adventures, opportunities and culinary creations are around the  next corner.

Check out more of Bethy’s rustic recipes.


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