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Choose 2 side dishes and 2 main dishes

Side dishes

  • Creamy grits (cheese, bacon, shrimp, sausage)
  • Cream of wheat or oatmeal (made with milk with various toppings)
  • French toast with berries
  • Waffles (pumpkin, berry, buttermilk, chocolate etc…)
  • pancakes (pumpkin, berry, buttermilk, chocolate, nut, etc..)
  • Crapes (pumpkin, chocolate, eggnog, etc…)
  • German pancake with baked fruit
  • Scrambled eggs, fried eggs, poached eggs
  • biscuits
  • Home made hash browns
  • Home made sweet potato hash browns

Main dishes

  • Eggs Benedict (with homemade holidays sauce)
  • Shrimp Benedict (with homemade holidays sauce)
  • Omelette (choice toppings)
  • blitzes (crapes with filling and fresh berries)
  • Hame and cheese phyllo triangles
  • Harvest soup with poached egg
  • biscuits and gravy
  • Chicken fried steak

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