Your Choice 2 appetizers, 1 Side Dish 2 Main Dishes Appetizers (choose 2) Verde Salsa Mango Salsa Regular Salsa pineapple Salsa Guacamole Chips Chipotle acorn squash dip Side Dish (choose 2) Cowboy Caviar (tomatoes, avocados, beans, cilantro, and corn with a vinaigrette) Spanish Rice Creamed Corn Refried Beans Main Dishes (choose 2) Enchiladas Carnitas tacos (chicken, pork, beef) Tamales (veggie, chicken, Pork, beef) Tacos (chicken, beef, Pork, fish) Chili Rellenos Fajitas (chicken, pork, beef)    


Your Choice 2 appetizers, 1 Side Dish 1 Main Dishes Appetizer (choose 2) Homemade Bread (choice of honey, whole-wheat, nut, olive, sun-dried tomatoes…) Homemade rolls (fluffy garlic) Focaccia (sun-dried tomatoes, rosemary, cheese … your choice) Bruschetta with a dip (salmon, olive, cheese, tomatoes … your choice) Tapenade (three types of olives, sun-dried tomatoes, artichoke hearts and seasonings) Pepper jelly and creamy cheese (choice of ginger, orange, mango, cherries, raspberry, jalapeno, hobanero….) Side Dishes Caprese Salad (classic tomatoes, basil, and mozzarella with a reduced balsamic vinaigrette) Kale and strawberry salad (massaged kale in a balsamic vinaigrette, strawberries, red onions, sweet corn, toasted almonds, and sesame seeds) ...Read the rest


Your Choice 2 appetizers, 1 Side Dish 2 Main Dishes Appetizer Olive Tapenade ( three different types of onions, sun-dried tomatoes and artichoke hearts) Flatbread (homemade grilled bread) Hummus (traditional, basal, sun-dried tomatoes, roasted garlic) Tzatziki sauce (greek yogurt, dill, garlic, and cucumber) Dolmades (rice, pine nuts, with grape leaves) Eggplant dip (tahini, roasted garlic and eggplant dip) Side Dishes Greek Salad (peppers, red onion, kalamata olive, feta and tomatoes in a oregano vinaigrette) Tri-dip plate with peta or flatbread (your choices of three dips) Falafel (garbanzo beans, parsley puree and fried) Main Dish Spanakopita and squash peta (spinach or squash with feta cheese and ...Read the rest

Choose 2 Appetizers, 1 Side dish 1 Main dish Appetizer Spring rolls (with fresh veggies, and choices of meat) with a dipping sauce Egg roles (with fresh veggies, and choices of meat) with a dipping sauce Crab puffs (crisped wonton with a crab and cream cheese filling) with  a dipping sauce Dumplings (various veggies and meat wrapped in a dough and fried and steamed) with a dipping sauce Curry Puffs (spicy curry chicken wrapped in a crispy dough and then friend) with a dipping sauce Humbows (fluffy steamed pillows with a asian BBQ meat filling) with a dipping sauce Side Dishes Fried Rice (pork, chicken, ...Read the rest


Choose 2 side dishes and 2 main dishes Side dishes Creamy grits (cheese, bacon, shrimp, sausage) Cream of wheat or oatmeal (made with milk with various toppings) French toast with berries Waffles (pumpkin, berry, buttermilk, chocolate etc…) pancakes (pumpkin, berry, buttermilk, chocolate, nut, etc..) Crapes (pumpkin, chocolate, eggnog, etc…) German pancake with baked fruit Scrambled eggs, fried eggs, poached eggs biscuits Home made hash browns Home made sweet potato hash browns Main dishes Eggs Benedict (with homemade holidays sauce) Shrimp Benedict (with homemade holidays sauce) Omelette (choice toppings) blitzes (crapes with filling and fresh berries) Hame and cheese phyllo triangles Harvest soup with poached egg ...Read the rest


Choose 1 appetizer 1 Side dish 1 Main dish Appetizer Sausage wraps (little sausage bites wrapped with crispy butter dough) Fondue (beer or wine) with bread for dipping Rolls (honey, rosemary, whole-wheat, or garlic) Biscuits (garlic, cheese, chives, your choice) Onion rings with a chipotle dipping sauce Sweet potato fries French fries Side dishes Creamy grits and shrimp (creamy cheese grits made with milk with saute shrimp in garlic onions and dill or in a Cajun rub) Baked Beans Kolar Greens Mac and cheese ( multiple types of cheese and a crunchy breadcrumb topping) Broiled veggies (multiple seasonal veggies with appropriate seasonings) Steamed/saute  veggies (seasonal) ...Read the rest