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Bringing the convenience of a cooking class to your own KITCHEN!

How would you like the experience of a cooking class from the comfort of your own home?  Whether you’re planning a party, having a girls night or you’re a group of bachelors looking to impress the ladies (yes women love a man that can cook) hosting an in home cooking class is a fun way to polish up on your cooking skills all while spending time with friends and enjoying a great meal.

This night is all about you.  You pick the menu.  You invite your friends.  And it’s all done in the comfort of YOUR own home.  Each menu is a little different but every meal will provide you and your guests a memorable evening filled with fun, new cooking tips and amazing food.  The best part is, I do all the work.  I’ll do the shopping, any necessary prep, bring all the equipment and then teach you as I prepare the meal.  When it’s all done, I’ll even handle the dishes!

Some ideas for events to feature an in home culinary class:

Birthday Parties Lady’s Nights Wine Tastings Couples Events Mixer Events Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties Church Functions

There’s no time limit on each class, I’m there for you.  Want to hold an all day event and learn a few new recipe ideas for each meal of the day?  We can do that.  Consider me your own personal chef except I’m teaching you as I go.

Cost varies on the menu and number of participants but the more people, the less the cost per person.

Shoot me an email today and let me know what you have in mind!  I’d love to be a part of your next event.