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                                                                                                                           Spanish Elk Burger
The Grinding
• 1 lbs. Elk Roast cut into 1 inch cubes
• ½ lbs. Bacon ends
• ¼ Beef fat roughly chopped
• 5 Garlic cloves
• 1 Small onion roughly chopped
• 1 t Salt
• ¼ t Cayenne
• ¼ t Pepper

Put the elk, fat, bacon, garlic, and onion through the meat grinder at the largest setting. Add the salt, pepper, and cayenne to the meat, give it a quick mix and then put it through the meat grinder on the largest setting for a second time.
Roasted Pepper Aioli
• ½ C Mayonnaise
• 1/3 C Roasted bell peppers
• 2 T Ground parmesan cheese
• ¼ t Garlic powder
• 1 Pinch Cayenne
• ¼ t Salt

Place all ingredients into a mixer or blender and blend until you get an even consistency (about 1 minute)
• About 10 strips of bacon
• 1 Large onion sliced
• 5 Hamburger buns of choice
• 5 Slices of Pepper jack cheese
• Salt (pinch for the onions)
• Sugar (pinch for the onions)
• 1 Avocado sliced

In a large sauté pan, crisp up the bacon on medium high heat. Remove and place on a plate with a paper towel to soak up the grease. Keep the grease in the pan to use for the onions.

In a separate sauté pan, place 1 T of your bacon grease. Throw your onions into the pan along with a pinch of sugar and a pinch of salt. Cook the onions on medium heat until you get a nice caramelization.

Split your ground burger into 5 even patties. On high heat get you sauté pan hot and then place the burger in the pan. The cook time totally depends on how well done you like your burger and how thick your patties are. These should only take a couple of minutes on each side for medium doneness. Place pepper jack cheese on each burger and place under the broiler to melt the cheese.

I like my bun a little toasted, so I cut it in half, spread with a little butter, and place it under the broiler. Keep an eye on it so you don’t burn your buns.

For the assembling; spread a liberal amount of aioli down on the bun, then the burger, avocado, bacon, and grilled onions. Then I like to drizzle more of the aioli on top.

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