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wood fire Via Tribunali

Before I even turned the corner, the aroma of freshly made pizza excited my senses.  It took me a moment to find the restaurant, but all I had to do was following my nose.  Via Tribunal is nestled on the corner of an ally.  In all honesty, minus the old architecture, I felt like I was back vacationing in Italy and eating pizza at a little side street cafe.  The location, smells and beautiful spring day made me eager to experience this pizza I have been hearing so much about.

I was greeted immediately with a helpful, friendly staff.  They were enthusiastic and excited not only to serve me but make sure I had the most amazing experience.   Given the fact that it was 75 degrees on a spring day in Portland, I couldn’t resist the chance to eat outside.  I’m slightly ashamed to admit it, but I’m a people watcher and this was the perfect location for doing just that.

I ordered their signature pie which was a two part calzone.  I was astonished at how quickly my server brought out my pizza; it was less than a ten minute wait and I was still enjoying the bustling street-side location.  Before the wooden platter was even placed in front of me, I fell in love with the smell.  The color of the crust was stunning with the evidence of a fine char.  A peppery arugula and a generous shaving of cheese topped off the pie which left me feeling like I was in Italy!

When I cut into the calzone with the scissors, (provided for you which I loved) you could see the two distinct curls. One side was a ricotta and spinach mixture and the other a sausage and rapini with mozzarella dividing the two sides.

As I bit into the gorgeous crust, wonderful memories of dining in Italy flooded my mind.  The crust was authentic; not too fluffy, doughy, eggy or thick.  It was perfect.  Both sides of the calzone were different but very complimentary.  It had no sauce, which is something that I actually enjoyed because it allowed the ingredients to stand out.  Combining a bit of sausage, rapini, ricotta, spinach, arugula and mozzarella created a beautiful symphony in my mouth.

My experience at Via Tribunal was amazing!  A beautiful, traditional tiramisu straight from Italy was the perfect ending to a wonderful dining experience.

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  1. Linda Atkinson

    Bethy, I was curious to see how much one cooking classes would be at my daughter’s home. Also, do you make and deliver your food say once a week and/or twice a week. I’m interested to buy a 3-4 week food with delivery 1-1 nights a week depending on price.

    I’ve enjoyed watching you on your shows and found a flyer of your’s at my daughter house and wanted to surprise her after she has her baby.

    Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you!

    Sincerely, Linda Atkinson

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